400-500W RSH Seires LED High Bay/ Low Bay Light kits with Heat Pipe

Item No.: GH-RSH400
Beam angle:60°-120°
Cooling Principle:Phase Change Heat Transfer

Core Technology Of Heat Sink——Heat Column
Heat-transfer Core Of Heat Sink: Heat Column High Thermal Conductivity: Far more than any material Low Temperature Starting Working: Less than 28°C Long Lifespan: More than 10 years Phase Change Principle: Vapor - liquid circulating transformation

Four Options for Driver Assembly

More Options for Reflector
Optical Beam: 45°、90°、120° three different optical beams; Four different size with variety options for both appearance and color

Assembly Instruction


1.Additional Choices of Reflectors 45°、90°、120° three optical beams are available, different appearance including different color with silvery, white and black. PC reflector as well.

2.Optical Lens, PC Lens Different size of Glass lens for you to choose, such as 60°, 90°, 120°

3.Chimney Effect Convection Enhance the Performance According to the light direction and air flowing effect as chimney, designing the fin shape of heat sink,so as to enhance the heat dissipation effect.

4.Multiple Options for Driver Assembly Access to mostly drivers, even round shape, more choices

Test Curve

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